About the Blog: Purpose

I had been vacillating for some time about whether or not to start a blog and for just about as long a time regarding what the format, content, and purpose of the blog would be. I’d been considering my skills and passions—I love science, I love God, I love connecting things, I love to write—so I thought I might share about my insights as a man of faith and science and my experiences in being in both of those worlds: science, the seeking of fact; and faith, the seeking of Truth. I thought it could be fun to write about what is true (i.e., empirical findings from science; valid philosophical arguments) and what is Truth (i.e., the Bible, God’s Word of Truth) and how the two connect, for they should connect: the Bible is Truth, so it’s claims should be borne out in and supported by the findings of the scientific disciplines, which seek to discover what is true.

But I came to the realization that, while that approach could be fun, it didn’t fully capture my desires for writing a blog. I write because it helps me process and learn; I write because I feel most myself when I’m writing and because I enjoy doing it; I write because it’s the best way for me to communicate with others what I’ve learned. And, boy, do I love to learn! (My top two StrengthsFinders strengths are learner and input, hence my desire to grow in knowledge; number four is connectedness, hence my desire for holistic learning and discovering connections; number five is intellection, hence my love for thinking about things deeply.) I love to learn about…well, everything. That is the story of my life as a learner: a jack-of-all-trades. That’s why I went to a liberal arts college for my undergraduate education, double majored, and still had a minor. Thus my realization continued and I realized that what I have to share with the world is exactly that: I’m an academic, but not the modern type. As has always been the case, I don’t fit the mold. Today’s academic world focuses on expertise, specialization, and achievement within a particular field or subfield. And there’s nothing wrong with that model; in fact, many great achievements are attained (and perhaps can only be attained) that way. But that’s not for me; I prefer a broader approach to knowledge—broader not being better; just different. This approach may result in my not being as high-achieving of an expert in my field, but it does lead to my having a more integrated understanding of that which I know, a more holistic and integrated approach to knowledge. And I believe there is value in that. I’d like to think that, though it may not lead to a more specialized knowledge, it leads to a deeper knowledge, a more applicable knowledge. So that is what I do: learn. And that is how I do it: as a renaissance man.

As with anything good, I think it’s better when it’s shared, and that is my other purpose in this blog: to share that knowledge with you. There is power and value (not to mention enjoyment) in knowledge, and I want you to grow in that and enjoy it, too. That’s why I have a passion to teach. I also believe I have been gifted to teach, though it manifests more in writing, not as much in the classroom. Hence a blog. But, better than my just writing at you, I want to bring you with me on this lifelong pursuit of integrated knowledge, because things are more valuable and meaningful when we work for them and discover them for ourselves. So, join me on this journey, this pursuit of knowledge—a pursuit of power and value (and enjoyment)—and discover the exponential power of knowledge, that the more you know, the more you can know. So go out and know. Read and study. Ask questions and seek answers. Think critically and think for yourself. Make connections. Make knowledge. Learn. Grow. Be empowered.

Renaissance with me, won’t you?

Yours truly,
D. R. Meriwether
Renaissance Man

P.S. I also love a good renaissance festival, so that could be another way to renaissance with me. 😉


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